Idefair TV LED Strip Lights : Really good lamp and you can’t beat the price!!

Got this earlier and it took a little messing around to see exactly where i want it and i have decided that tracing the underseat of my car worked really nice. I bought my second one for the passenger seat.

They work great and we have them behind both our tv’s. I have 4 sets behind the main tv and speakers which i can control with one remote, but can have 4 different backlight colors. I bought 6 sets so far and very happy.

Excelente calidad y fácil instalación.

I stuck it under my table and it’s amazing.

  • Sort of like IKEA but better
  • Easy to setup and makes you feel like you have a new TV
  • Best desk light I’ve ever had

Idefair TV LED Strip Lights (B)

  • 3 Modes of Dimmable light brightness: Provides 3 distinct colors of light, warm white(12 warm LED lights on), daylight white(24 LED lights on), cool white light(12 cool LED lights on) which can easily adjusted to your perfect brightness mode and gradually controlto choose the brightness you like. Color temperature varies from 3000K to 6500K and it’s non flickering LED light which is kindly to your eyes.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL LED TABLE LAMP: Designed with 17inch LONG flexible gooseneck,which makes it easy to be adjusted in height and angle at any direction. The steady and handy clamp can be cliped to everywhere or secured to walls with a screw(not included) as well.
  • RECHARGEABLE & LONG WORKING TIME: Built-in rechargeable safe and relaible life-long polymer lithium battery, which the dimmable LED desk lamp provides up to 15-hour working time after 4 hours of full charging by the convenient 1.5m long USB cable.
  • WELL-DESIGNED: The lamp head is built with static oxidation-treated high-intensity ABS and new desigh, which effectively solves the heat dissipation issue, protects the LED chip and increases the LED lifespan.
  • DIMMABLE & EASY RECHARGE: Gradual dimming levels are controlled by a simple contral panel, which is great because you can dim the light to find the perfect brightness level for your situation, such as Reading, Studying, Relaxing and Sleeping. Also, the lamp will automatically resume the brightness setting of the previous use when restarted

I bought these lights to put around the television. My daughter loves the remote and the fact that she can change the colors. My husband i love the way the television looks with the lights around it. It really is much easier on the eyes in a dark room. We get compliments on the television from friends who think we have a new tv. Setting them up was a breeze. There’s peel and stick tape on the back and you just trim the lights to fit your needs. Overall, i’m very happy with my purchase and will buy another set for the bedroom.

Excellent lamp that does exactly as it advertised.

Clips on easily, positions easily. Comes with a small card to stand it on your desk. The light is easily dimmable and at it’s full setting it’s very bright. Love the warm light it gives off in the warm color mode. Makes a difference in the day when we can turn the lights off and avoid the cold fluorescent lighting. Since we’re around it all the time. It just plugs directly into my laptop dock and i love that is has a battery so i can just take it anywhere. I bought one for work and one for my house so my girlfriend can read while i sleep.

3 modes, varying dim levels with a very quick pwm, so you won’t see any flicker. The neck being flexible is a great touch for me. I have it over my work area, so it helps to illuminate the area nicely.

I love the light, the different colors and levels are great. The only problem is the gooseneck. It slowly sags as you are trying to read, can be quite annoying.

My tv remote makes the lights change as well, i’m not sure how to stop that because it gets really annoying when i turn my tv off and the lights start flashing and i never touched the remote it came with my tv remote did all of this. Also, when i hit the volume button it changes the colors.

I don’t have lots of room so i love that it clips onto my tables side. The clip is very strong so no worries about it falling or moving. The light colors are excellent, so when i’m up late i prefer the mellow shade, and the white shade is nice for reading at night while others are asleep. The lamp is really trendy looking and the design is modern and sleek.

Because this light has a usb connection, it’s perfect for camping— it can run on the spare phone battery. At home it’s perfect for reading in bed, and i’ve got another one clipped to an end table for reading on the couch— much better than a table lamp. The fact that it’s dimmable is icing on the cake.

Looks good however the adapter to connect the different pieces are very small and very loose they don’t fit very tight. I did use electrical tape to keep them together the best i could. As of today the lights are working well.

Would not recommend for aquarium unless you use copious amounts of hot glue to affix it to your lid. Mine also quit responding to the remote to turn on or off or change colors. The white was also more of a blue. The other colors looked good. If you use this in a dry area, it should work well.

It’s absolutely a trendy & great lamp. The three mode dimmable light brightness suits different purpose. Also, the gooseneck is pretty long but feels a bit fragile. In addition, it should have a low/full battery indicator, this will enable end-user to recharge when required.

Works well and installs easily – love the color variations.

Why did i buy this?i wanted a string of waterproof lights. I always imagined putting lights on the front of my car like knight rider. However, after getting the product, my neighbor told me that there are laws about the color of lights you can have on your car. So instead of the red like knight rider, i would have to stick to yellow. Not very coolso they have ended up in the house to their original intent; behind the tv lighting. Pros:different lighting modesmultiple color optionsusb (works in the plug on the tv)5v power. Waterproofir remotecons:the signal to turn the tv off is the same as the signal to change the light to flash. The best way to fix this is to put the sensor behind the tv.

These are the final lights that were needed to show case my pc. I’m more than pleased with how it turned out and honestly it’s a great budget buy.

Got this to clip onto my sun visor to read maps and other things in the car. But after playing with it a bit i’m thinking of getting another for my home. Love the three different types of light types. The more blue is great for reading and the more yellow is great sat a night light since blue huhes interfear with sleep. Then you can dim and brighten all 3 modes. The battery that allows this lamp to be used without being plugged in is within the wire at the controller. So this lamp isn’t quite ‘cordless’. Just keep a twist tie or string with the lamp if you plan to use it on the go. The gooseneck is quite durable (another reviewer said flimsy and i don’t see that at all). It will twist, contort and hold pretty much anybshape tou put it in.

Very nice and bright led strip with everything you need for decorating your tv or other appliances.

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Idefair TV LED Strip Lights (B)
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  1. 1.0 out of 5 stars Worked great for 2 weeks
    Went into blinky mode and wouldnt stop. Controller failed to fix the blinking and tried to unplug as well.
    • Size: A Verified Purchase
      Went into blinky mode and wouldnt stop. Controller failed to fix the blinking and tried to unplug as well.
  2. 1.0 out of 5 stars Terrible colours

    This review is from : Idefair TV LED Strip Lights (B)

    I’ve had other pre packaged tv backlights, and this one is the worst.

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